Wiil tower

Become master of your wiil experience by downloading the mobile app and doing the rounds of your choice. You can walk as you please and even follow one of our self-guided tours

Wiil experience

Book one of our unique tours with a certified Wiil guide. This will accompany you and guide you in your Wiil experience.

Wiil Afterwork

And why not an afterwork with your team in order to live a unique experience after work? During this tour, you will be accompanied by a wiil guide and enjoy a good glass of local wine. The tour will end with a good beer by the lake to enjoy a beautiful sunset

Custom Wiil

Wiil Tour

Enjoy a unique moment while strolling on an electric Wiil 100% Swiss scooter. Once the app is downloaded, you'll be able to escape by going to must-see places.

Wiil experience

Book your tour with a Wiil guide. Several tours are availab suitable, each with a visit to a must-see in the region. Our guides will give you explanations of each place visited

Wiil Afterwork

We offer a unique group outing to share unforgettable moments. You will be accompanied by one of our guides and discover incredible landscapes of our wonderful region

We work with an electric scooter 100% Swiss

Concerned about the environment and sustainability, we decided to use conceptualized and assembled scooters in Switzerland. The quality and robustness of this scooter provides extra comfort and safety when driving it.

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