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electric scooter rental to visit the area
Wiil preview

Wiil preview

From 16.07.2020, you will have the opportunity to test Wiil in preview, and this in a unique complement. For three weeks, we will be at your side to make you discover the Riviera like you have never seen it before.

You can find all the information you need by clicking on the link opposite.

Beware, places are limited!

How it works

#1 Create your Wiil account on our APP

#2 Find the scooter closest to you

#3 Unlock the connected padlock

#4 Choose your guided tour to visit your city

#5 Pay your ride and enter your promotional code (if you have one)

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Wiil Guided Tours

Discover a city in an autonomous and playful way, with our Wiil guided tours:

  1. Create your account on WebApp Wiil
  2. Choose the tour of your choice
  3. Start the tour with Google Maps
  4. Receive an explanation of each location

Our scooters

We work with an electric scooter 100% Swiss

Concerned about the environment and sustainability, we decided to use conceptualized and assembled scooters in Switzerland. The quality and robustness of this scooter provides extra comfort and safety when driving it.

Where to find us


Guest House Vevey


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