How do I turn the scooter on and off?

Use the center button on the control panel to turn the scooter on and off. Just press it once, and a small "0" as well as the level of batteries represented by small dots will appear.

How do I activate the "beginner" mode?

You can activate the "beginner" mode with the left button on the control board (represented by a mountain).

When the zero number appears with a point, it means that the "beginner mode is enabled:" 0."

If there is no point after the number, the butt mode is not activated: "0"

How do I turn the light on and off?

You can turn on the light with the right button on the control board. To turn it off, simply press the same button again.

How do I use the brakes?

The brakes are used as a standard bike, with both handles at the ends of the handlebars. For better safety, the two brakes on the scooters are activated at the same time. In other words, a single brake handle allows you to brake with the front wheel and rear wheel at the same time. This ensures optimal safety and will prevent you from skidding in the event of sudden braking or going forward.

How to use the crutch (foot) of the scooter?

The scooter's crutch automatically lifts. Fbe careful to keep it open when placing the weight of the scooter on it.

What is the autonomy of the scooter?

30 km

How fast is the scooter?


How much does it cost?

CHF 0.35.-/minute or CHF 21.-/hour

How do I lock the scooter during the rental?

You can lock and unlock the scooter along the way. Manually lock the padlock and use the Wiil app to unlock it.

To end your race, you must return to your starting point. If you lock the scooter at another location, you will continue to pay CHF 0.35 per minute. It is only when you return to your starting point that you will be able to lock the scooter permanently and end your run on the Wiil app.

Using a promotional code by a user:

There are two different promotional codes:

  • The "percentages" codes will be asked of the user at the end of the race. This is a code offering a certain % on the final race. This percentage can range from 10% to 100%, or completely free)
  • The "free minutes" codes. These offer some time to use the customer. Once this time is exceeded, it will pay for the additional minutes of use. These codes must be entered before starting a run in the "payment" tab.
How do I unlock and lock the scooter to move it?
  1. Download the Wiil app
  2. Create an account on the Wiil app
  3. Add a credit card (which will not be charged)
  4. Add the promo code "PARTENAIRE10H" to the "payment" tab
  5. Unlock the scooter using the Wiil app
  6. Lock the scooter manually
  7. Complete the rental in the Wiil app
Rule of use on the road

General: On public roads, electric scooters must obey the same rules as bicycles.

Pedestrian priority: Watch out for pedestrians and be prepared to brake. Give priority to pedestrians from the right and left. Stop as soon as someone plans to cross the pedestrian crossing.

Forbidden to ride on sidewalks:Driving on sidewalks is prohibited and can produce an almond of CHF 40.-

Headphones:Not required but highly recommended

Be over the age of 16:The minimum age for driving on public roads with vehicles in the "light motorcycle" category is 16 years (or 14 years with a moped licence)

Priority to buses: I stay behind the bus, which is stopped at a stop and activates its indicator to indicate that it will leave. If the bus is at a standstill and its blinker is not activated, I can pass it cautiously.

Announce changes in direction:To make myself clear, I indicate in time my change of direction by raising my arm, especially when I want to fork left or when I am driving in a roundabout.

Phone number if needed:
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