How it works

Use guidelines

To use a Lime-S scooter, you must accept and comply with the following instructions and conditions:

  1. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory but is highly recommended
  2. Check the brakes before you drive
  3. Respect the Highway Code (driving on bike lanes or on roads allowed to cycle)
  4. Be 16 or older
  5. Only one user per Wiil vehicle(no passengers)
  6. Don't drive while intoxicated (in the blood)
  7. Exercise caution and limit speed, especially at night
  8. Never send text messages or make calls while you're on the go
  9. Paying constant attention to cars, bicycles and pedestrians

Your liability is incurred while using Wiil. Please note that you must also comply with applicable local regulations. For more information, refer to the Wiil app.

Privacy policy

By using Wiil, you trust us to protect your personal data. We are also committed to providing you with transparent information about the collection and use of your personal data. OurPrivacy policyis available here. This policy applies to all data and information collected during the use of Neutron Holdings, Inc.'s service network.

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