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Wiil à la rts (forum)

We had the opportunity to present the Wiil project, its history, its team and its objectives live on the RTS. So if you're interested, you can review our live passage by clicking on the video against.

We would be very interested in receiving a little feedback from you regarding our first intervention on Radio Télévision Suisse. You can give it to us using the link below:

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We helped our first trader!!!

On Wednesday, we went to Lausanne to deliver free orders from Viva Frida. Follow our adventure with this video. And if you know a merchant who needs a hand, tell him to contact us. We will be happy to help!

We help local merchants

We decided to offer a FREE delivery service for local merchants who need it!

Please contact us for more information:

Le crowdfunding de Wiil

We carried out this project to allow anyone to visit a city and discover its emblematic places in a few minutes and this on an electric scooter 100% Swiss.

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