Legal information

Pvalues on admission and the use ofs mopeds, electric bikes are slow, scooters, electric andt bikes-electric taxis (State 1.02 2019)

More of a place

2and up with pedals allowed
(art. 18, let. b, ch. 1, OETV ; art. 63, para 3, let. - a, OCR)

or if specially designed for the transport a personne disabled
(art. 18, let. b, ch. 2 and 3, OETV)

or if specially designed to carry up to two children seating protected
(art. 18, let. b, ch. 4, OETV)

Audible warning

Requiredbut it should be a wake-up (art. 178b, al 1, OETV)

Total power output (engine/s)

Max. 500 W (art. 18, let. b, OETV)

Maximum speed with or without pedaling assistance

20 km/h (100 % electric)

25 km/h (pedalling assistance electric) (art. 18, let. b, OETV)

Total weight

Max. 200 kg (art. 175, para 4, OETV)

More than 2 wheels

Authorized (non-regulated)

Driver's seat

Not required (non-regulated)


Not required (not regulatory)


Two, without modification of the trajectory on the wheels separated (at least one of the brakes

must act by friction1)
(art. 178, para 3 and 4, OETV ; art. 177, para 6, OETV)

Rear view mirror

Not required (non-regulated)

Flasher direction : Mounting at front Mounting at the rear

Authorized, subject to the type-approval (art. 180 OETV)

The minimum clearance between the beaches flares should be 0.24 mr. (annex 10, ch. 24 and 52, OETV)

The minimum clearance between the beaches flares should be 0.18 mr. (annex 10, ch. 24 and 52, OETV)

Light directed towards the front and towards the rear

Lighting for cycles set at home : the

a minimum of one fire white non-blinking on the front

and a red light is not blinking to the rear,

not subject to the type-approval (art. 178a, al 1, OETV)

The additional lights, even turn signals, are allowed.

The lights must not be dazzling, but should be visible at a distance of 100 m at night in clear weather.

Reflector directed to the rear : Color

not subject to the type-approval

(art. 178a, al 2, OETV) (annex 1, ch. 2.1, ORT)

(annex 10, ch. 112, OETV)

Driving licence (at a minimum)

Cat. M from 14 years to 16 years

Not required since the age of 16
(art. 5, para 2, let. d, CBO, art. 6, para 1, let. f, OAC) The cantonal authority may grant the permit lead of the cat. M to persons who

not reached the age of 14 years (art. 6, para 4, let. (b, OAC)

Traffic areas and traffic rules

Same rules as for cycles (art. 42, para 4, OCR)

Use a bike path

Mandatory (art. 33, para 1, OSR)

Traffic in the case of the prohibition on mopeds

(art. 19, para 1, let. c, SRO)

wearing a helmet

Not required
(art. 3b, para 2, let. e, OCR)

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